Packing A Big Screen TV Or Mirrors

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moving TV While moving it is always paramount to pack everything properly so that nothing breaks or gets damaged. There are things which require specialized packing mainly because they are fragile and delicate. Some of these things include big screen TVs and mirrors. These items require careful packing because they are more prone to getting damaged. This is why it is always advisable to look for competent movers who have the right skills to pack the delicate items. Excel Carrier provides the specialized amenities which are necessary for packing the fragile items. This makes it important to know how to professionally pack the fragile item such as big screen TVs and mirrors.

The first step of packing the fragile items is getting good boxes which can hold the items perfectly. The boxes need to be about thirty percent bigger than the items being packed. This is important because it leaves space for the specialized materials meant to protect the packed items. If you still have original box and packing material then that will be your best solution. However if you threw those away then it is advisable to get the heavy duty boxes because they are tougher and can withstand roughness. There are many types of boxes which are of different sizes. Therefore one should take time to select the boxes of the right sizes since it is not ideal to get boxes which are too small or too big. The boxes also come in different designs where there are some which can be opened up while there are others which have only a single opening.

One should also get bubble wrap because this kind of wrap is ideal in providing proper protection to the TVs and mirrors. The boxes and bubble wrap can be bought from various stores. The movers helping in moving can also provide the boxes and bubble wrap. In case they do not provide these things they can also recommend the most suitable stores to get the items from.

moving BoxTo actually pack one needs to wrap the big screen TVs and mirrors using as many layers of the bubble wrap that the box will allow. One should then tape the bubble wrap in position so that it does not fall off. One should then slip the wrapped item inside the box preferably from the side. If the item being packed is heavy one should get help from someone else so that the item does not drop. After the item which is wrapped with the bubble wrap is put into the box one should then tape the box. To avoid confusion one should mark the box so as to know exactly what is inside. It is also important to mark on the box that the content is delicate and therefore needs to be handled carefully.

When the big screen TVs or mirrors are packed and marked, one should then hold the box carefully to take it to the van. It is important to hold the box in an upright position. This makes it easier to hold the box and therefore makes the process more convenient. On the van the box with fragile items should not be placed in a flat position. This is because in this position they are more prone to getting damaged. The box should be placed in an upright position and should be kept in a place where it will not be moving unnecessarily. Therefore, by following the outlined guidelines one can professionally pack fragile items such as big screen TVs and mirrors. 

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